Random Junk from the week!

12 Jan

It has actually been a surprisingly relaxing week for me! Especially today!
This is my new favorite breakfast! Gluten free waffles with natural peanut butter and raspberry jam topped off with thin slices of banana!! I am seriously addicted…

20130111-180906.jpgMy runs this week have been alright, yesterday the temp dipped back down and I had run back home during lunch to grab my running jacket! This was so I could run straight after work! However, in my rush of things I did not realize all I had was my capris in my bag…and my long running pants were still at home! Because I was so mad, I ended up just going anyway and risking frostbite (dumb…I know…) Made it 3km! People were walking their dogs in the valley, and bundled up to the nines! Staring at me like I was nuts!



Some kid brought this gem of a CD in….I was like how the heck do you have this?! Its like 4 years before your time!!! One my coworkers and I were jamming out to Jumpin Jumpin!


Although highly inappropriate, do you remember Sisqo and the thong song? The rumor mill on the radio says that he is now living right here in Edmonton…and is a meat cutter at a local Save On Foods!

20130111-181008.jpgFrom todays run, here is a picture of this peeping tom rock!! Poking his head out from the snow, trying to sneak a peak! What a weirdo!!


It is finally the weekend! Do you have any plans???


Bootcamp Woes!

11 Jan

Tina and I headed to boot camp! The same class I vomited in last time….


I told her to look afraid in this photo, and the instructor overhead me and said “there is nothing to be afraid of here!”…thanks lady!


So the theme of the class was to grab random pieces of paper with different types of exercises! All of them very different.


We got through 5 random sheets within an hour. It was pretty tough! Tina was proud because she actually was sweating!! However the gym was really, really hot! I think we were sweating before we even did the warm up!


After our class we really wanted to try flipping over these giant tires! We see contestants do this all the time on the Biggest Loser!


Upon inspection of the tire, we discovered it was 260 pounds!! Relatively easy if you get a good grip, but after so many retakes of the same photo…I realized it would be really hard to do it over and over again!


After boot camp I went for a very short and cold run in  the freezing rain!!!! It took forever to warm up after all of that!! Looks like were going back into the deep freeze here according to the weather network…at least for a few days anyway=( It’s too bad because I have been enjoying the nicer weather!!

Winter 10k Training Plan

9 Jan

The St. Patrick’s day 10k is in exactly 10 weeks! I am determined to finish in 1 hour or less this year :) So I created the following plan:
Winter Training Plan pic

My first week isn’t going that well, I’ve had a migraine for the past few days that just won’t leave so I wasn’t able to run 3k  :( but I did manage to walk 3k!

Question: What training programs are you following?


Tabata Tuesday and a Homemade Ice Rink!

9 Jan

My day started at a very unusual time! After yesterdays episode of not setting an alarm my first day back to work in 17days and waking up super late…I decided my ass was going to be ON TIME!


I actually put my phone in the living room, and since I am a light sleeper I had to get up to turn it off…so that made it very easy to just stay up!
I went downstairs, did my tabata, got a 20 minute start on a zumba workout then decided to quit while I was ahead and just take a shower to get my day really started!
However, since I am still a women…Between drying my hair, trying on 2 different outfits, slowly eating breakfast and all the other stuff void of any real merit in the morning (facebook…) I was still only 5 minutes early for work!

tabata 5

So of course its always dark here in “Sunny Alberta” so sorry about my very dark photos!
Adam decided to make a rink in our backyard and surprisingly it turned out well! Tonight the 3 of us played “hockey” with our boots on in an effort to get Parker comfortable standing on the ice. That has been his biggest challenge learning how to skate so far. He did not want to come inside! He was having far to much fun “winning”. =)



Pretty fun night! I caught up on the biggest loser…I am so disappointed in the white team!! But I am loving this whole concept of helping kids and teens get healthy=)

Missed out on my lunch run today, but got in a nice 2.5 km run at 9:00pm! Had to take it easy, between running and bootcamp class tomorrow…I may not make it ;) I hope I do not vomit again!!


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