Jenny’s Story

Hi! My name is Jenny, I am a mother to a 3 year old named Parker and a “common law partner” to my boyfriend of what feels like a million years Adam. We live in a half ass renovated house in Edmonton. You see when you watch enough HGTV you truly believe you are better than Mr. Mike Holmes…. however if you are reading this and your just a regular joe thinking that you can do it, for the love of cake just hire a contractor. Okay, back to me! I love fitness, always have! However when I was pregnant I gained 50pounds and nearly weighed 200pounds just before Parker was born. During pregnancy I craved mostly waffles and ice cream..and if I did not receive these items all hell would break lose! I walked only to induce labour in the last month of my pregnancy, this doesn’t work. 4 weeks after birth weighing 180pounds and 2 weeks prior to being medically cleared (whoops) I started exercising at home using a multitude of exercise videos that I found interesting and fun. For 2 years, I saw the weight shed off slowly but healthily (see no need for gym memberships).

My very first run.

Now the start of my journey is a sad one. I used to babysit for this wonderful family when I was a teenager, I had kept in contact with them into my adult years keeping up with their kids school drama plays and band concerts as well as attended many hockey games!. I saw them a few times a year and really cared for them. my friends husband back in May 2011 had been diagnosed for a 3rd time with cancer, in October things were rough and I had been thinking of something that I could do to help out their family while they go through this terrible time. I entertained the idea of running and raising money, but I was not a good runner, 2 blocks and I was done! While keeping that in the back of my mind, the Terry Fox anniversary was around the corner. I work in an elementary school and every year we raise money for the cancer society an go on a terry fox walk. The tradition is to watch Terry’s story and leave from the gym to walk. Now, I see this movie every year and although sad I never could relate. This year was different, I watched it intently and saw the pain that Terry went through as he ran and all the while thinking of my friends husband and the incredible pain he was enduring everyday. I thought to myself, if Terry can run with agonizing pain to raise money for something that was important to him, I can too. This family was and still is important to me, and even if it killed me I was going to beg and plead people to donate money to this family on the assumption that I would run a 5km by January 1st 2012. Co-workers and friends responded graciously as I logged all of my km’s on Facebook. While I would run, I mostly thought about Greg, and how my pain level is nothing like his and it was only temporary. Many tears were shed running, mostly freezing to my face as it was winter by then. I pushed myself 3-5 days a week working around my 3 year old and working 7 days a week. During my journey Greg took a turn for the worse, and still somedays to my disbelief passed away. I was not sidetracked, it only made for more teary eyed runs. January 1st rolled around and my friend and her 2 kids waited for me at the finish line. This fueled my run, as the tears flowed my adreniline was pumping! I couldn’t let down a single person who believed in me, and I couldn’t quit and let down myself. As I rolled up to the finish line Nellie was snapping pics of me ( so flattering.. Lol), I ran across and then immediately turned around and ran back to her. We hugged and I handed her the money, I just hoped it was enough to help out with something. I will never forget that first run, I plan to make it an annual event. Over the next year I went on to run around 9 races, this was to keep my interest up and to keep motivated. I have not ran much farther than slow 18km, but plan on training for a half marathon next year. Some friends and I enrolled in a cross country race series in the fall and while we were not good in comparison, had a blast running and then eating twice the amount of calories we burned shortly after at some restaurant!! In total I had run 16 races during this time period. Anywhere from 5km to 14km. I will only bother telling you that during the cross country series, my nemesis was a 6year old kid whom I only ever beat one out of seven races. He did not know that I was competing with him, but I gave him a few eye messages and I hope the brat got the message!! When we train during the winter I will focus on beating his best times to show him that I am not to be messed with! From here on in Tina and I will focus in on our winter training to explore how to make winter more runner friendly and how to keep up on being trail ready for the fall.



9 Responses to “Jenny’s Story”

  1. cathyn61 December 11, 2012 at 10:57 pm #

    Go you! Running is a wonderful activity & I love how you started by wanting to help out a family going through hard times. Wil you ever consider a marathon?

    • Jenny December 12, 2012 at 3:45 am #

      Oh why thank you:) I have not considered a marathon yet. I think a half will be more my style, however running has proven to be more than addictive. Do you run marathons? I haven’t had a chance to check out your blog, but I will after my work out!!

  2. We Are 2Fit2 Quit December 13, 2012 at 7:04 pm #


  3. joemacgown December 23, 2012 at 4:13 pm #

    cool blog! I liked the part about your 6 year old nemesis! good luck with your running.

    • Jenny December 23, 2012 at 8:52 pm #

      I hope he is not cross training and running this winter…LOL

      • joemacgown January 13, 2013 at 3:56 am #

        I am sure you will have the upper hand this spring.

      • Jenny January 16, 2013 at 5:06 am #

        I sure hope so! ;)

  4. healthygirl January 2, 2013 at 1:33 am #

    When I was pregnant with my son, I craved nachos and milk shakes. Before he was born I got up to 300 lbs. My son weighed 10 lbs 1 oz when he was born. I lost 60 lbs after his birth. Dec 2011 when I got up to 293 lbs, I got scared because I wasn’t even pregnant and I was feeling awful about myself. I’m so glad I joined Weigh Watchers to help me lose 87.8 lbs. I have more to go to make lifetime. I’m confident I will make it this year. Thanks for liking my blog post about fun fitness.

    • Jenny January 2, 2013 at 4:40 am #

      Pregnancy does some crazy things to us women!
      I hear great things about weight watchers! Just keep on doing what your doing, and we will be here to help you if you ever feel like you need a pick me up or some motivation!

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