How We Met

So how do you ask is it that Tina and I know each other? It goes back to about 5 years, my soon to be boyfriend and baby daddy invited me to a friends party to meet some of his other friends. One of his best friends Ivan had this (sorry Tina) shorter girl with him, I had met Ivan a few times before and I thought hey this is new! We hit it off immediately, not Ivan and I silly.. Tina and I! We bonded over a love of probably drinking at the time. Tina and Ivan started seriously dating around the same time Adam and I did. Now, Tina was getting into running at this time and I had no idea. I also never really asked, but! We did do hot yoga together for a while. We mostly just hung out and drank for fun (oh to be early 20s again). We also went couples camping a few times during the summer months. Sadly Tina left about 2 years later while I was pregnant with Parker. She had a family emergency, and I had a funny feeling she was going to leave. We didn’t talk for almost 1year and a 1/2 but.. I knew she would be back. She had too, there was a journey waiting that was bigger than the both of us. A journey to transform us into super bad ass runners. Summer of 2011 she came back!!!! Both of us more mature and more health conscious. We re-bonded on a new level! When I mentioned that I wanted to run the new years resolution run for Greg (see my running journey post), she was all in. At the same time she started running and training. I was in this crazy strollersize class that ran outdoors at this lake by my place, despite her not bringing a stroller she joined us every Tuesday! This ran all last winter, and we were 2 of the 3 hardcores that showed up in temperatures lower than minus 10. With frozen toes we hopped, skipped lunged and ran around the lake. Between strollersize and running the winter flew by and soon we were greeted by flower buds, mud, icy trails and goose poop. We ran most of the races together this summer, and because I don’t own a gps I would rely on her to help track my pace. I think that she may be trying to get me to invest in a gps watch of my own one day! We are on a mission to keep each other motivated and to increase our times…hopefully run a 25km leg of the death race!!


3 Responses to “How We Met”

  1. Tony January 8, 2013 at 10:52 am #

    You guys have a great story. At the risk of sounding like a wet blanket, I need to say: As an older guy, who used to run and also eat pizza like crazy – because I new I could burn it off, I would like to suggest that you think about the health ramifications of that pie. As you get older, you find out that you can burn a lot off, but there are also some big negatives putting those bad fats into your system. I still eat pizza, but way way less. I think I enjoy it just as much, but my cholesterol numbers are better. Just sayin’.

    • Jenny January 9, 2013 at 5:04 am #

      Oh don’t let our website name fool you! Tina is a vegetarian, and most of the pies she makes are vegan friendly, and while am pretty well gluten free these days=) We all need to indulge here and there, but with all the education on these modified foods (crap!)out there we both try and be pretty cautious about what we eat=) Reading ingredients has become a hobby of mine while shopping!
      I used to be addicted to pizza as well, but with the increase in price for a gluten free veggie pizza, it is now a indulgence I simply can’t afford to buy all the time lol.
      Thanks for your honesty though! We appreciate constructive feedback ;)!

      • Tony January 9, 2013 at 10:01 am #

        Way to go!

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