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Partying Through the Years

13 Jan

Well I do not seem to have a picture from EVERY year, but I mustered up 5 years of at least one photo. I have changed a lot over the years, weight wise anyway. Last night was the holiday party, and I can say without a doubt that this year I was the fittest I have been in years! And here is the proof!




6 weeks after Parker was born

NO clue where the other pictures went! Fast forward to yesterday!


20130113-110915.jpgIt is kind of fun looking back through the years!


Tabata Tuesday and a Homemade Ice Rink!

9 Jan

My day started at a very unusual time! After yesterdays episode of not setting an alarm my first day back to work in 17days and waking up super late…I decided my ass was going to be ON TIME!


I actually put my phone in the living room, and since I am a light sleeper I had to get up to turn it off…so that made it very easy to just stay up!
I went downstairs, did my tabata, got a 20 minute start on a zumba workout then decided to quit while I was ahead and just take a shower to get my day really started!
However, since I am still a women…Between drying my hair, trying on 2 different outfits, slowly eating breakfast and all the other stuff void of any real merit in the morning (facebook…) I was still only 5 minutes early for work!

tabata 5

So of course its always dark here in “Sunny Alberta” so sorry about my very dark photos!
Adam decided to make a rink in our backyard and surprisingly it turned out well! Tonight the 3 of us played “hockey” with our boots on in an effort to get Parker comfortable standing on the ice. That has been his biggest challenge learning how to skate so far. He did not want to come inside! He was having far to much fun “winning”. =)



Pretty fun night! I caught up on the biggest loser…I am so disappointed in the white team!! But I am loving this whole concept of helping kids and teens get healthy=)

Missed out on my lunch run today, but got in a nice 2.5 km run at 9:00pm! Had to take it easy, between running and bootcamp class tomorrow…I may not make it ;) I hope I do not vomit again!!


Motivation Monday

7 Jan






Turn and burn



Finally some decent weather!

30 Dec

Yesterday I decided to go to a spin class! I have been wanting to make it to a class at the gym for a while, but things were just not lining up! It was my first spin class in over 2 years, and I thought with all my running and exercising it was going to be a BREEZE! Well I was humbled for sure =/ level 16 was my “honest working level” as the instructor called it…and I had to WORK hard! My end result was somewhere around 430 calories burnt, 20km distance and as you see 53:00 minutes of sheer pain! I guess I need to do this more often!


Finally it has warmed up here in the city! -10 with the windchill but SUNNY! I went for a 7km run, and as you see, was quite sweaty when I got home. I saw other runners today, 3 to be exact! I have not “run” across anyone by my place while running in about 2 weeks!


This was the inside of my running jacket, the whole back was full of water…or sweat…I donno!


I seriously can’t believe my legs were working today after yesterdays spin class…by the way…my bum is SO sore!

After my run, a little later we all went to an outdoor rink! As you see, Parker wanted to sit in the chair instead of pushing it! Although, he did do some work ;)


I had this lettuce wrapped burger for dinner. The burger presents well, but was not that great. I found it really watery…


I am undecided if I will hit up another spin class tomorrow, I have to work at noon and the class starts at 10am. Mind you with that hour in between I may have enough time to go to the Running Room and pick up our Resolution Run race packages!


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