Goodbye 2012

1 Jan

I can’t say that I am sad to see 2012 go, this year there was a lot of life lessons learned, and met a lot of crazy…literally…people.

My goals in 2013

To eat 80% clean, it will be tough but well worth it since I am feeling more and more that I now have an intolerance to gluten and dairy.

Spend more time with my family

Save for a trip to Peru (currently my savings are going towards flooring)

Spend more quality time with friends whom I do not see very often

Keep on exercising and running

Improve my time during trail races, that includes gaining leg muscles for hill climbing

Dress up a little more at work; most times I look like I just rolled out of bed… (well most times it is because I did just roll out of bed).

Redesign our blog page and start up a Facebook group

My last work out of this year was a killer! I decided to go to bootcamp class…I literally *TMI Alert* puked in my mouth I was working so hard. I have never…ever…EVER done that before! If I look like I am miserable, tired and sweaty, it is because I am miserable, tired and sweaty!


After my workout I met up with Tina and we discussed where we want to go with the blog in 2013. We are very excited for the next year of blogging!!!

I wish everyone a very happy new year!
…Please do not drink and drive!


3 Responses to “Goodbye 2012”

  1. Mariajose January 2, 2013 at 12:02 am #

    How do you plan on eating 80% clean? I’m trying to eat much better this year but not really sure how to actually track it so I’ve decided to eliminate meats on mondays and eventually get to just water and natural juice.
    And girl, sometimes, we actually puke in front of others so don’t feel too embarrassed lol
    The trip for Peru, is it for Machu PIchu? I heard they were planning on closing it or something from a coworker. :/

    • Jenny January 2, 2013 at 3:31 am #

      Yes, Machu Pichu is the destination…Adam says they close it once a year, in February! But, who knows! The way a lot of our wonders have been treated over the years, I would not be surprised if they closed it down to preserve it!
      I am going to try and just eat 2 out of my 3 meals a day super healthy and allow 1 meal for slip ups. My snacks will be fruits and veggies, gluten/wheat/dairy free granola and with the occasional gluten free granola bar! Or anything else I find suitable for snacking that is healthy!
      So all and all, in and around 80% of my food intake per day should be healthy.
      HAHAHA…hearing that about the puke….does not make me feel any better about it!

      • Mariajose January 2, 2013 at 4:25 am #

        that’s pretty good. I need to lose 20 lbs this month, so I’m on water, meatless mondays, fruits and veggies, no rice, bread once a day and who knows what else i can cut off so my runs can burn it all off by the end of the day haha.
        and, oh well, i tried lol

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