Big Wreck and Theory of a Deadman!

17 Dec

So something you may not know about me! I am a concert goer! I love me a good concert. I have literally watched all of my favorite bands (sometimes 2 or 3 times). A few are:

Linkin Park
Foo Fighters
System of a Down
Rise Against
Rob Zombie
3 Days Grace
Rascal Flats
Our Lady Peace
3 Doors Down

This list can go on for miles!

I also worked security for a number of years at a conference center, and I have got to see, hear and meet many b-list celebrities. (the worst “meeting” by far being Deadmouse!)

Theory of a Deadman was on my list of  bands “too see” and last night  I FINALLY got to go to one of their shows!

Big Wreck opened for Theory of a Deadman. I actually do not actively listen to them unless it is on the radio, however they did put on a pretty sweet show!


Normally when I go to concerts, the crowd is a bit more “rowdy”.  I tend to gravitate towards the mosh pit… There is something about being squished up against people that is comforting to me. Maybe it is also the fact that, pushing, shoving and generally being a ignorant a-hole is acceptable in the mosh pit culture. That being said, I have never been around more helpful people when somebody falls under the crowd or down from a crowd surf.


This crowd was certainly not the mosh pit type! People were actually dressed up with their makeup and hair done. Not to mention they smelt good (almost to the point of me being nauseous, as I am not a fan of really heavy perfume). Everyone had their hands at their sides and looked like they needed their personal space. Everyone except Jeff and I! We were bouncing around and moshing with each other! I think people thought we were nuts!



Just by happenstance, we got to meet the lead singer of Big Wreck! Jeff was crapping his pants! Jeff’s phone ran out of battery during the concert, and mine died JUST before I was about to take a picture of Jeff and Ian! Luckily, the security guard felt sorry for us and offered to take this picture and email it to me!!! I can not believe he did that! It literally made Jeff’s life and his 30th birthday weekend celebration(S).

Big Wreck


Today I am DEAD tired, and lucky for me I am at my part time job with damaged hearing from the super loud music! Weeee!!!  Is it 945pm yet?



3 Responses to “Big Wreck and Theory of a Deadman!”

  1. Mariajose December 18, 2012 at 2:11 am #

    Nice! I love concerts although I’ve only been to very few.
    That has got to be a very friendly security guard! And pretty cool too.
    Why was deadmous the worst meeting?
    Btw, I’m not a fan of heavy perfume either. lol food, which I love, if heavily seasoned can make me as nauseous as heavy perfume.

    • Jenny December 18, 2012 at 2:31 am #

      Lately I have been spending what would be considered my “concert money” on races! So the last year has been pretty slow for me. Slow in a good way tho! I like running just as much as I like moshing!
      Oh dear…don’t get me started on that guy. He is a douche! Had I known I was going to quit that day (I was 4 months prego) I would have gone out with a bang and punched him in the face for basically yelling in my face. I told him that he needed to get someone a wristband so they could go backstage (as per his rules and the promoter’s), he then preceded to call me names and threaten to get me fired because he “pays for my paycheck”….uhhhh no you don’t jerkface!! Oh…he also lied to a bunch of fans too. Great PR!
      The greatest DJ I met was Tiesto, what a down to earth guy!
      I can not walk into a soap store or a place that sells candles without instantly getting a headache! It is super annoying lol.

      • Mariajose December 18, 2012 at 4:39 am #

        Oh god. I would’ve practiced some kickboxing skills with him even if I wasn’t going to quit.

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