Christmas Waistline Challenge Day 2

22 Nov

Today was quiet a long day for me, I was not feeling well and had a very busy day at work. I was not looking forward to going to a mandatory training session for my part time job in the evening.

I had a 1.5 hour time frame after work to get in either a work out or possibly just go shopping.  Reluctantly, I went for a run to help boost my energy levels to get me through the next 4 hours.

It was icy heading down into the valley and I had wondered if my car was going to make it back up! I parked in an empty parking lot at the bottom of the hill, and managed to get in a 4km run.

The beautiful Rundle Park river valley!



I was not sure if our work was going to provide us with snacks or not, so I grabbed a salad from subway (which made me late…). Fortunately there was snacks, a ton of veggies and fruit! I did not feel full after my $8.00 rabbit food bowl, so I filled up on more rabbit food!


There also was pizza…Instead of eating the normal 5 pieces, I had one very small piece of the veggie pizza.


Finally home and I am pooped! I literally thought it was Saturday this morning, imagine my disappointment finding out it was only Wednesday….just 2 more days and the weekend is here! Whoo hoo!


3 Responses to “Christmas Waistline Challenge Day 2”

  1. pursuitofhappieness November 22, 2012 at 9:04 pm #

    Sounds like a busy day, good on you for keeping healthy! What are your tips on winter running? I run a lot during the summer but haven’t tried to venture outdoors in the white stuff.

    • Jenny November 22, 2012 at 10:18 pm #

      Hi, Thanks for the comment!
      I generally try to keep things light in the winter. I don’t own any specific “winter apparel”. I am far too frugal to purchase such things!
      I mostly wear just my polyester work out pants (or my lightweight ski pants if it’s colder than -10*C), a super light polyester t-shirt and a heavier sweater.
      I own a lightweight head band, as hats are far too warm!
      I also just wear my regular running shoes, as I find that if you tread lightly and run at a slower pace that ice is not so much an issue. However, if you’re going for speed training, probably best to buy spikes for your shoes.
      Give it a try! Experiment with what clothes you already own, but make sure you go for more than 2km as before that your body is just warming up. Around 3km is when your body acclimatizes and you feel comfortable!
      Hope that helps, I absolutely love winter running! It’s so pretty and quiet outside.
      A tip that Tina always mentions to her retail clients is that you should dress as if it was 10 degrees warmer outside than it actually is!
      Let us know how it goes!

      • pursuitofhappieness November 23, 2012 at 7:38 pm #

        Thanks a lot, I will definitely let you know :)

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