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Hello Old Friend…

31 Oct

It’s been 6 months since I’ve been to the gym ( I know so sad). Tonight is a perfect night to startup again since it is snowing out and – 7 and getting colder by the hour.  I’m actually excited to get back into the groove. Last year I started the Jamie Eason Live Fit program  and wasn’t able to complete it because my Half Marathon Training took over.  So I’ve decided to start up again at month two (stay tuned for my progress recap at the end of the month) since month one is all about developing muscle and I think I have pretty good muscle base from all the running I decided to skip ahead.


The Workout

I began my workout with some cardio on my beloved treadmill. I did a HIIT pyramid run that looked something like this:

Treadmill workout

After I finish my sweaty run I proceed to start my Strength Moves that can be found here


I was in dyer need of some food after that crazy workout so I made myself something relatively healthy.


Potato Crusted Haddock with Sliced tomatoes drizzled in Olive Oil. Yummy!

Have a good night!


Question: What fitness program are you following?



31 Oct

Okay, So I have mentioned before that I have home work out videos. One series of video I own in the infamous p90x.  I have only done the cardio x video and the ab video before because all the videos looked very intimidating. Fast forward a year, I am feeling stronger than EVER! last night I went to my friend Jacindas, her and her hubby have commited to doing the 90day 9p90x program.  Jacinda and I are also work out buddies, we frequently work out in her basement to Jillian Micheals while the kids run wild upstairs. Last night I had commited to working out with her after work to the p90x PLYOMETRICS video.  I was super nervous and said “well I most likely only make it to half hour”. I had no idea that plyo was a leg work out, I thought it was hardcore cardio!!   Half hour in we were dying but pushed on..5 more minutes…just one more set… soon there was only 13 min left! we made it to the cool down exercises!!! My heart was pounding out of my chest, sweat was pouring down my red face, my legs were burning but we did it!!! I have promised Jacinda that I will try and keep up with her p90x schedual in order to take my fitness to a new level! 

A Year In Review

29 Oct

We wont bother with explaining each run in detail over the last year, but! here is a short re-cap of all the runs that either we both ran together or separately.

Running Room 5km Resolution run.

Running Room 10km St. Paddy’s day run.

Running Room 10km Spring Thaw run (Jenny) Half Marathon (Tina)

Mountain Equipment co-op (MEC) inaugural spring 5km run, I did this all by my lonesome!

5 Peaks 7km trail run at Sunridge ski area. (Tina was having foot troubles and couldn’t make it).

MEC summer 10km race.

Calgary 5km Spartan Sprint, blood sweat and tears!

5 Peaks 14km trail run at Chikakoo lake. (Tina was having car troubles and couldn’t make it).

Frank Mcamara fall cross country running series varying km’s, every Wednesday for 7 weeks.

Running Room 5 Miler Fall classic.

From here on in we will keep you posted with all of our goals and times! For the most Part Tina and I were absolutely thrilled to complete each and every race through either a great sleep and being well hydrated or being either tired and hungover with little to no water in our system. These races kept us highly motivated with our goals! We look forward to sharing our race experiences with you in the near future!!!!

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